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Will paper and pencil throw away by animators? Part3

ACTF was in the troubled mood

The hall inside was wrapped in the sigh in the presentation of manufacturers.

Each tool was overwhelming, and the possibility that digital is achieved was overwhelming. At the same time, we thought that it was impossible that the anime industry in Japan transferred to the digital tool altogether because of their mutually function. They mount the function with a lot of standard features.

We want to recommend CELSYS, which is a major domestic company that is offering “RETAS STUDIO” and “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” as a favorite. However, “Toon Boom Harmony” of the Canadian birth widespread in the English-speaking world and “TV Paint Animation” from France are also attractive.

Each software advances supporting Japanese. The purpose of it is to enter a Japanese market. Also, Adobe is providing affordable cloud type service of monthly sum several thousand yen.

The software of Adobe strengthens the significance of existence to the freelance like not only Kamikaze Douga but also us.

CACANi from Singapore

CACANi from Singapore showed up in front of a confused audience. Their software will be made to substitute a part of drawing and “Automatic generation.” It is a function to exceed the category of digital drawing.

People in the hall resounded by them. As for the audience, they might have held uneasiness of being whether their work was deprived.

The development manager of CACANi explained, “This show reel was made by young animator using the function of this tool.” Besides, he added, “This tool will not deprive work of good quality animator.”

As a result, the tart comment flitted in the question and answered in the latter half of the event. “There was no announcement that animation became attractive. The productivity of the animation production might go up. Still, people on the site should correspond to a new technology. Our quantity keeps increasing.”

We shall not be afraid in the installation of a new technology.  We have not made interesting work alone by a past method such as paper, pencils, and the cutting bags. Then, essence does not seem to change at all even if digital drawing gains influence.

The one about which is going to be worried is a creator who might lose the employment because they depend on earlier methods. Hiroyuki Morita of JAniCA saying that “Anyway, do not isolate.” The responsibility of the manufacturer and the industry group is heavy.

Ryo-timo said, “The stress of the introduction of the software is considerably reduced if the final format of the tool is compatible”. We genuinely agree to this opinion.

What we should do not to do flood the final format

The role of adjustment between manufacturers and consolidation creator’s opinion is requested in ACTF in the future. They might have to pull the standardization of the workflow or the file format that becomes a de facto standard.

Anime has already had the ecosystem of paper and the pencil. If we destroy it, the crushed side should bear the hardship of corresponding. The end user only of seeing anime is included in people on the destroyed side to which it refers here.



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