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Will paper and pencil throw away by animators? Part2

A digital drawing is fantastic. However, why doesn’t it spread?

An anime production increases in dramatic everyday

Kohei Hashimoto from Asahi Production said his speak from experience as their offices have already executed the shift to digital from analog circumstances.

“I introduced a digital drawing by having known the existence of the Perspective ruler. The perspective ruler is a function that “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” has when the building is drawn. Additionally, the computer enables a simple animation reproduction. My motivation of production goes up by the favor in which this function is provided. There is animator that the number of sheets of production each day increases in dramatic form by other people, too”.

Change in promotion procedure of animators

Masato Suzuki from Asahi Production said, “When the animator of running out learn in between animator ‘s task, first they practiece to draw a homogeneous line that is more than the skill of the picture is needed. However, degital drawing substitutes them. Therefore, if they learn how to use these tools, they can acquire the experience on the site of practice.”

In case of FLASH from Ryo-timo

The continuing appearance is anime director Ryo-timo, who works on the work flow that uses FLASH from Adobe. He talked about the advantage of digital drawing by a different way.

“The drawn line is not laster data (sets of massive points) but the vector data (sets of the expressions that show the curve) for FLASH. Therefore, data is light, and it is active in the expansion reduction. The following correction is easy. Of course, there is inconvenient point in the introduction of them a lot, too. However, we can unite the programming with FLASH. Therefore, we can use it for customizing FLASH”.

The presentation of animator and production that supports digital drawing advances, so ACTF has progressed peacefully.

Everyone expressed paperless wonderful. However, names of seniors in the standpoint where the industry had to be pulled were not there. Why are that neither famous anime studio nor animator here?

Circumstances that animator cannot part with paper and pencil

Kamikaze Douga is a production company of the spiritedness to study the expression of digital thoroughly. A beautiful opening of JOJO ‘S BIZARRE ADVENTURE that they produced is new in our memory.

They have been maintaining their original production styles for ten years. They were able to advance the introduction of digital drawing by taking the lead.

We should be touching negative part of the Anime industry any time now. The work of the scale with a long movie and television series cannot be produced with one Animation Production in a present Anime production system.

Therefore, subcontracting to the animator of free-lance who is skillful is the common sense of the industry now. Oppositely, they undertake the subcontracting business from other production companies if there is no work in an in-house drawing team. It is give-and-take.

“Cutting bag”

Cutting Bug

Cutting Bug

It is “Cutting bag” to be used for the communication in that case in which the paper drawn with the pencil and the paper bunch are blocked.

Why is it paper and a pencil? Why is not Photoshop used like Kamikaze Douga? The reason is clear. The member of the production company that values the animator of free-lance who is skillful and ventilation with the outside does not hope to rely on a particular tool and the know-how that passes only by them.

Paper, pencil, and cutting bag. It is an old-fashioned workflow for all to become accustomed and familiar. The cooperation between companies goes well through it. The ecosystem that exceeds the fence of work functions there. Everyone feels that frightening might happen as soon as having changed it into the tradition even a little bit.

The representative and Junpei Mizusaki of Kamikaze Douga said, “We cannot leave our company”. This is because their production techniques to accomplish original evolution.

On the other hand, digitalization is advanced in the world of Manga production in dramatic form. Of course, circumstances are different from the production of Anime. They cannot help also transferring to digital if from necessity.

Continue to be part3.

6 comments for “Will paper and pencil throw away by animators? Part2

  1. 2016-10-31 at 1:13 PM

    I think that up to recently, 2D animation softwares where not suitable for a sustainable production without dealing with painful issues. But recently, more and more digital solutions are appearing and are helping 2D animators to concentrate more on the drawing and on the animating and character performance, and less on managing the tools. Even the physical world needs to be managed, but now, with the appearance of new digital tools, it can help the artist move beyond those limitations and improve faster.

    I think of TVPaint and ClipStudioPaint, who are listening really closely to the 2D artists needs. They have developed very useful tools. I work with both of those softwares regularly and I must say it’s hard to go back to paper.

    I can’t wait to see what the next generation of animators who have grown with those tools will be capable of doing.

  2. Popo
    2015-07-27 at 2:56 PM

    Perth ? It is more comprehensible to use ‘Perspective’.
    Anyways this is an interesting topic thank you 🙂 as your post says digital drawing is great but the young animator will rely too much on tools. The animator relies too much on perspective tools and doesn’t learn the skill.
    ryo-timo is a FLASH pioneer, I want to assist his seminar

    • yuukisakoda
      2015-07-27 at 3:05 PM

      Thank you, Popo. I agree your opinion. It is one negative effect on an animator in the furture.
      Actually, i was at seminar of this link at Shinjuku.

      • Popo
        2015-07-27 at 6:40 PM

        how lucky! I saw a video, I didn’t understand his speech but it looked very interesting. The link talks about empty cutting bags, does it mean digital animators still need cutting bags?

        • yuukisakoda
          2015-07-28 at 4:03 PM

          In the site of “Yozakura quartet”, empty cutting-bag had been only used for management their progress. Japanese animators are familiar with using cutting-bag for management their work volume. Still, Ryo-timo might not think they need to cutting-bag anymore, Japanese anime industry is complicated though…

          • Popo
            2015-07-29 at 7:21 PM

            I see. Thank you for your answer.


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