(c)2015 映画「台風のノルダ」製作委員会

Who is Yojiro Arai? Do you know “Taifu-no-Noruda” Part1

(c)2015 映画「台風のノルダ」製作委員会

(c)2015 映画「台風のノルダ」製作委員会

Answer is an animation director belongs to Studio Colorido and he originally belonged to Studio Ghibli.

His latest work has been open to the public in theater now.

Let’s look at the movie below.

This is his latest work “Taifu-no-Noruda“. I know you want to watch this more.

Taifu-no-Noruda” official site is here! Unfortunally, it is not planned to play in overseas.

This is yet another his work. It is Control Bear short animation film [ WONDER GARDEN ]

We will introduce his latest interview answering about “Taifu-no-Noruda” below.

-The reason why you joined Studio Ghibli is ‘Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN’?

Q: First of all, please teach details to becoming animator.

Yojiro Arai
I painted landscapes originally. Therefore, I thought that I was able to be an animator related to the background art.
But when I was a high school student, I saw ‘Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN’ (2005-06) , and I received a huge impact with it saying “The character can be drawn attractively this far…!!”
It has started to an attachment to character since I have seen “Eureka seveN”.
After I Knew Kenichi Yoshida who is the character design of Eureka seveN and he belonged to Studio Ghibli so I have made it to join Studio Ghibli.
Of course I liked Ghibli for a long time though.

-About an animator

Q: How do you feel experience an animator work?

Yojiro Arai
It was hectic. I was in-between animator in Ghibli and I thought continuation for a long time to be an animator might be difficult for me, I learned a lot at Ghibli though.

In that situation, I was asked to work towards “Hinata-no-Aoshigure (2013)” from Hiroyasu Ishida.

At that time, I had not done even key animator to say nothing of the character design and animation director.
However, I thought “This is not good if I will not to do it now” so I left Ghibli and joined to Studio Colorido.

As to “Hinata-no-Aoshigure”, I think to be able to work hard a little more. However, it was a very good experience that was able to know the interest of movement.

-First meeting with Hiroyasu Ishida

Q: I have heard that you got acquainted through pixiv with Hiroyasu Ishida.

Yojiro Arai
Yes. We had exchanged on pixiv and on web site before I joined Ghibli.
Therefore, I was really surprised when ‘Fumiko’s Confession’ (2009) made by Hiroyasu Ishida was announced,
“What up with this work!!”
I could not believe this was made by his own work, as an independent production. “Fumiko’s Confession” became to topi of conversation at Studio Ghibli.

Q: After you joined Studio Colorado, you served as director with PV’WONDER GARDEN’ (2013) it is an art project for “Control Bear short”.Were you also interested in director?

Yojiro Arai
I entered anime industry because I have desire to express something.
As for an animator’s work I wanted to make not only the character unit and movement but also the overall pictures like the layout and making a story.

Continue to Part2….

(source: animeanime.jp)

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  1. 2015-08-19 at 1:18 AM

    Hello…I’m not sure who will see this, but my hope is that this message gets to Arai-san. I’m an author who has a vision for his works, and I’m wondering if he would be interested in what I am doing.

    My second book, “A Moment in the Sun” is set to be released this fall on Sunbury Press Books. It is the story of Rei, a young woman’s rise out of self-isolation (hikikomori) to return to society. Rei must face her past when she learns of an online underground called the Dwellers, and discovers an old friend is there. On the way, Rei and her friends learn much about the world about them, and themselves. (Copies and any other material, I’ll gladly make available)

    I’ve written several stories, most of which are based in Japan. I have an interest in the nation, its culture and history, and while not a huge anime fan, I have a respect and admiration for the inspiration it’s given me. This, and future works have a place in film, manga and elsewhere. But I have little in the way of contacts.

    I would love to get some advice, if not a look-see of some of my work. I’m available at the email above, and the site has rough cuts of a number of my projects.

    Thank you very much for your time.




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