Who is Auron Zoe? The German Animator with Japanese Anime Spirit.

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This is the making movie of the crowdfunding animation project, “SYNCHRONICITY.” It’s on “Startnext,” the German famous crowdfunding platform.

Auron Zoe is a German animator who directs this project.

Who is Auron Zoe?



Auron Zoe (Lukasz Fabijanczyk. Born in March 10, 1980, Warsaw, Poland.)

He was deeply inspired by Japanese animation in 90’s. His way of creating animation got influenced a lot by the works of Toshio Maeda, Katsuhiro Otomo, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Masamune Shiro, and Satoshi Kon.

Early Life

“I can’t buy you a combine car, but you can draw it. If you draw one, the paper and the drawn car are yours.”

When he asked his grandfather who was an artist for a combine car, but his grandfather told him this phrase. This phrase led him into the drawing life. His hatching-like illustration is drawn by pen in detail, and it is deeply inspired by his grandpa.

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall collapsed, he moved to Germany with his mother. He moved a few more times (Warsaw, Berlin), and then he settled in Munich. For a few years since he started living in Germany, he had struggled with language. At that time, it was hard for him to make friends, and he lived with only his mother. This environment led him into the world of drawing.

From elementary school to high school, he had done many artistic activities, such as illustrations, comics, and street arts. He started with drawing for school papers. One day, a female student asked him to draw a porn comic. The teacher took his comic away because it was too realistic. He had done many kinds of drawing regardless of his age.

After Graduation

He had gotten coverage from several media, and started working at Schloß Nymphenburg, a famous pottery company when he was 18. Hover, he did not like painting existing designs, and the he quit the job. In1999, he started learning and making stop motion animation by himself. He wanted to do more animation, but his mother didn’t agree. He had done a few service business. After that, he met street artists who offered him a production.

In 2010, he made an animation clip for a fashion company, “geppebba,” and his work won the first place of German Fashion Film Awards. In 2011, his animation for Relentless Love by The Blood Arm was named for the best 20 works in Los Angels International Music Awards.

In 2012, his work of GuaiaGuaia won several prizes. In 2013, the most famous Polish punk-rock band, Apteka, held an audition for “the Blood Arm,” and Auron Zoe’s storyboard and animation video were selected. His talent now widely attracts attention in many areas.

Animation Production

Auron Zoe who had been inspired by Japanese animation of 90’s, came to Japan in 2014. He had visited many animation studios, and with their support, he started research in Japanese Animation.

Taking an advantage of his illustration skills and his media editing skills, he is currently working on a feature animation project, “SYNCHRONICITY – The last Prophet .”




The story plays about 300 years in the future. Dr. Evan Harbinger, a young and ambitious scientist has made a sensational discovery and is on his way to Antarctica to prove that he has found the source of all life there. But there a reality shattering event happens, that no one had anticipated.(from the web site of SYNCHRONICITY)

Auron Zoe directs this project, “SYNCHRONICITY”, and there are 25 members. Their goal is to make animation worldwide without borders of language or culture.

Auron Zoe says the core of their animation is “the hand-drawing skill.” He is deeply inspired by Japanese animation, and he believes that hand-drawing is quite time-consuming, but it can create wonderful depiction. Inheriting and developing the existing ways of animation production are one of their goals.

Project Members

The team (status) 10.11.2015 (in alphabetical order)
Alina Dresher – Illustrator, Stop-Motion Animatior, Cutter and Camerawoman from Berlin
Armando Insilico (Supersimetria) – Musician from Italy
Artur Kwasek – Musician from Warsaw
Ayako Wakui – Graphic Designer from Tokyo
Christine Utterberg – Actress and Dubbing Actress from New York
Daniel Münnig – Script Corrector and Dubbing Actor
Eliot – Line Producer & Production Manager
Guillame Blondeau – Musician from Paris
Karin Nagao – Manga Artist and Specialist for Japanese Traditional Painting, living in Berlin
Lukasz Fabijanczyk (Auron Zoe) – Key Animator, Author, Director and Head of Production
Magda Tu – Animation Specialist, Compositing from Poland
Marie Kataoka – Illustrator, Background Designer from Chiba, studied in London, lives in Munich
Patricia Flaam – Illustrator, Animator from Berlin
Patrick Clemens & Ebba Lindström (geppebba) – Fashion Designer from Germany & Sweden
Ray Moore – Motion Designer from the USA 
Ruslan Zunik a.k.a. I-One, Haze Head – Sound Master and Music Producer from the Ukraine
Toshio Maeda – Character Designer from Osaka

Right now more staff members are being recruited.
We are working together with the Kreisstadtjugendring-München
and Anime House, a successful Manga and Anime publisher
from Cologne, who are supporting us with promotion and the
dubbing of our movie in germany.

Now we need your support as a publisher in Japan. Please tell us what is possible and what conditions you can offer. We will feel very honored and looking forward to work with you!

They need production supporters!

They need more supporters for their crowdfunding project, “SYNCHRONICITY.” If you are interested in, please contact them!



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