Where are Japanese media expression going?

(imaged by アニメ!アニメ!ビズ)

An ambition special exhibition is going to be  held in the national art center in Tokyo at Roppongi in this summer.

“Manga* Anime*Game from Japan”, it has a views of Manga, Anime, Game’s expression for 25 years  from 1989 to 2014.

The symposium was held in the national art center in Tokyo on February 4 and the outline and concept of this exhibition were clarified. Moreover, “From Japan to the world- cultural exchange and outgoing by Manga, Anime and Game” was held at the same time and found that the situation surrounding of Japanese’s Anime, Manga and Game, overseas as well.

Recently, the exhibition of this kind of theme are not few. However, many of exhibitions do focus at an individual genre, creations, according to Taizo Muroya, chief scientist of the national art center in Tokyo.

This special exhibition has the features to focus on seeing these 3 genres of Anime, Manga, Game over for 25 years, which a long span comparatively.



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