What sight does Hideaki Anno watch? Part2

imaged by http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/第27回東京国際映画祭

imaged by http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/第27回東京国際映画祭

We introduced Hideaki Anno’s “Director’s Talent” previous entry. This is part2. Here is Part1. What sight does Hideaki Anno watch? Part1

Let’s review the key points from previous entry first, and then to proceed next one.

What is “Director’s Talent”?

Anno says, “Directors Talent” is being aggregated with three points as follows.

  1. Point of view and height of image sensitivity
  2. The ability to finish knitting the detail to one and to convert into the expression
  3. The depth of attainments to Anime and special effects

There is also one point that  “Nature as the manager and the leader” which was able to establish company “Studio Khala” though, this cannot be separated but I will omit that part.

There is universally person” The sense of the city where people lived”

However, Hideaki Anno has an opposite idea of that will bring “Symbolization”. He sticks to the detail of things observed with giving whole mind usually and he presents, “Look at this!!”.

Such “Opposite conception” is one of the “Director’s Talent”.

Symbolization of anime world that can be omitted even by hole of man’s nose. The background of the city is mainly drawn for watercolor. However, the utility pole of ‘Eva’ is arranged as “Character” of the cell drawing with a main line it has outline.

Once we will look at his work and discover that “High-tension wire iron tower”, “Signal”, and “Companion in the utility pole” become cell drawing, too.

When such processing is done, human brain is surprised. “The noise about which we usual does not worry is made the foreground. ”

Thus our brain will move in aggressiveness to be able to read “Meaning” and “Rule”from given information, and it becomes the catalyst of the absorption feeling in the screen.

It is natural because “Eyes” is originally develop to grip the kind of change based on the survival instinct, and to obtain the clue for the adjustment.

Is the utility pole a character?

When the idea is deepened we can be thought that “Indeed they are certainly alive, too”.
Although there are two kinds of utility poles (the utility pole and the electric power pillar), it is thought to be “Nerve” and “Artery”of the city. They are the essences of the pipeline of life that can be made blood to run.

In addition, real existence of “The utility pole is there” rouses the imagination to the past “The person who designed is painful”. There was a worker who had built, too. Any utility pole did not stand vertically so there was a person who judged a permissible margin of the inclination, too. There was a person who had constructing constructed wiring to houses. There was a person who confirmed the operation.

“The city without collapsing is supported by universally a person”, this sense is in common not only the Eva series but also other Anno works. Then, there might be a person who feels “Drama” from ranging of the space, too.

Hideaki Anno must be a person who thinks the detail of the city to be the imagination between such time-spaces perhaps in “Eyes” of the yearning mixing with the science and technology in the boyhood and has constructed “Original scenery”.

I, who has the engineer experience feels sympathy there, and thinks that this sense is transmitted indirectly to person who is interested in “Movie” that is the product of the science and technology.

On the other hand, if we makes it to the word as a message, it is likely to degenerate into “One only of it”. The intention unties the one that is not made to the surface, becomes the catalyst of an adequate balance, permeates through the interior in the brain, extends, and existed in the bottom of spectator’s mind because it replaces with “Picture” that the abstraction level is high.

This is a charm of movie. After you saw “Evangelion series, you might be surprised the detail of the utility pole comes to jump into eyes momentarily if walking in the town. It is “The workaday world that had been convinced that it was trivial changed into the different world”. Then, such magic was put by the Eva appreciation.

Alienation Effect

About this kind of “Alienation effect”, you can see from “Love & pop”(98) to bring a new aspect into “The city and daily life of high school girl” by making good use of a digital hand camera and “Ceremonial day SHIKI-JITSU” (00) it has shot in Anno’s hometown Ube city yamaguchi prefecture and cut out an oblong field angel of the cinemascope.

By adding the camera position, the movement feeling, edit, scenery well known begins to show the different complexion.

Continue to Part3.
Here is Part1. What sight does Hideaki Anno watch? Part1
(source : http://anime.eiga.com/tiff/column/index.html)


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