Plural plans of new 3DCG projects are undergoing―TOEI ANIMATION

(imaged by Expelled from Paradice)

TOEI ANIMATION sets much value on 3DCG

  In the full-year earnings announcement for March 2015 period, TOEI ANIMATION reveals the strategy for the medium-and-long term of the company on May 15, 2015. Of these, about the new plan of the picture work, it is indicated that CG animes are made much of.

The flow that a commercial success of the movie Expelled from Paradise brought



  The smash hit of the cell-look CG anime “Expelled from Paradise” attracted attention in 2014 is fresh in memory, according to TOEI ANIMATION, they are planning a subsequent original CG project now. The work name or the concrete content are not revealed yet, but it is considered that TOEI remains a success model of “Expelled from Paradise” continuously.


©2014車田正美/「聖闘士星矢 LEGEND of SANCTUARY」製作委員会



  Furthermore, another plan of the large-scale CG theater work is undergoing, too.  You may consider that this is the product 1developed the flow of “captain Hurlock” and “SAINT SEIYA/LEGEND of SANCTUARY“.  Though TOEI ANIMATION has the oldest history in a certain domestic anime production studio now,  it is obvious from these that they are also aggressively promoting planning/production of the CG work.

  Besides, an animated movie project “It is file (N):” original in the company Project PQ is in progress. This is not clarified at the release time, but already carried out a collaboration project in the op-ed page “first dance lesson” of portal site “Yahoo! Kids” for children which Yahoo runs. The work is the story that five girls mature into by “the youth dance movie” which featured the theme of “a dance”.  A lot of pretty characters will appear.

Another work attracting attention is “LEGEND OF DAIKU-MARYU“. It is already announced as a Live action film for Hollywood, and it is said that a plan is still in progress. In addition, plural plans/production projects go, and there seems to be the surprising announcement in future.

Investment in production environment

The investment for creators and the studio to support plans/productions continues. The Oizumi studio which is contained in rebuilding now is going to be completed in the summer of 2017. Furthermore, they promotes the rendering technologies, or a new imaging technique development including the development for the CG TV series.

The upbringing support of the young creator, the improvement of the production process are given, too. Specifically, there is the production of a pilot picture becoming the kind of the hit work.



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