The True Credit Roll of SHIROBAKO

(imaged by : SHIROBAKO Official)

The official twitter account of SHIROBAKO , an anime which reached the last inning in March, tweeted a specially edited credit roll was shown in YouTube on 9 April.

SHIROBAKO is an anime which describes the backside of anime productions (thus it might be right said the anime of anime.), and it became the topic in Japan by recounting the anime production industry without embellishing too much.

This shows most of all staffs those who concerned with SHIROBAKO throughout the series in one way or another, and is even over 5 minutes in total! It is hard to carry out such a performance in main volume because TV animes must be broadcasted in a preset slot(It is similar and only one case I know to have been displayed in the last inning of Dragon Ball GT) .

By watching this, you can see how much many people are engaging in producing one series of anime.

While that is the number of the people who share the joy of production, in other words, that might be also said to be the number of people to whom should be distributed the profit.

SHIROBAKO official :

(source : YouTube


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