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How are Sun and Ashitaka going on now?

Hayao Miyazaki said it is not spectacular ending but shabby one. Almost all of viewers might have felt it looked like great ending. Some were highly expected Sun and Ashitaka’s happy ending though.

I will introduce some of Miyazaki’s quote in terms of “After Princess Mononoke Ends”, feels a bit of superfluous to put additional explanation after the movie ends though.

―’The Princess Mononoke’ does not end by an easy happy ending. For instance, Sun marries Ashitaka or something. This is an overarching point. Is this story of two people that cannot be together a tragedy?

From “The interview of Princess Mononoke in USA

Miyazaki: No, I think It is possible to say that they will continue a very good relation. I think that Ashitaka will make various efforts for Sun could live after all. Ashitaka is also sure to make a serious effort people of TATARABA could live at the same time.

As for Ashitaka, it is sure to tear up the spirit by various frictions between Sun and TATARABA. I thinks that he will become full of scratches. Still, he is sure to live without bending his belief. I think that he will care for both Sun and TATARABA. Therefore, I think that his way of life is commonness that we live in an age today.


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From “Mononokehime ha koushite umareta

Miyazaki: The boy who had said great things splendidly achieved its task. This story is not in such a thing at all. He is finally able to live, at last. He can do nothing but live while having a hard time arbitrating between TATARABA and Sun. He knows anything does not solve even though runs away to his own country with her. He decided he lived with TATARABA.

He should become both coordinators. For example TATARABA wants to cut 500 trees so that he passes on the opinion to Sun. Then, he is stung on Sun and then, he says to TATARABA, “Is it possible to cut by 250?” That is life.


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From “Princess Mononoke’ romance album

Miyazaki: The last word of Sun is a spine that sticks in Ashitaka who cannot get the answer. Ashitaka thinks to be alive together with the spine. After that, Ashitaka lives in TATARABA and Sun still might live in the forest.

The reason for “To live”, TATARABA should cut the tree. But Sun says “Do not cut the tree!” Ashitaka should live while fighting between them. But I think this is the figure of humanity.

(source : StudioGhibliFunsite Ghibli no Sekai)


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