There is a night to think about Satoshi Kon

The posthumous manuscript “Goodbye.”

I have seen this diary every year. And, it has been made the idea of various things.

This posthumous manuscript are spelt by sentences with a pleasant condition mixes like other NOTEBOOK of KON ‘S TONE. However, I certainly felt “Real feeling of death” from among the sentences. When I saw these sentences for the first time, I felt an intense impact. Before I read them in 2010, I did not feel “Real feeling of death” at all. As for me, strength remembers the perceived impact from sentences of Satoshi Kon of the usual condition still clearly. And, I also think about various things by seeing this diary this year.

My crucial person died of cancer this year. As of now, I understand the painful that the cancer patient of the metastasis of cancer to the bone and the difficulty of receiving of diversification for home care services. It is not possible to look for a detailed thing of Satoshi Kon at that time only in this diary. However, I guess the end of Satoshi Kon might be happy from the diary.

It has become a quiet somehow content. I will introduce “PERFECT BLUE”, one of the most important work of Satoshi Kon after in this article. Let’s quote the word of Satoshi Kon added in KON ‘S TONE that is his official website. By the way, the secret production story by Satoshi Kon is collected to enough volume in KON ‘S TONE. I think that it will become an excellent textbook according to people from whom not only the fan of Satoshi Kon but also creators to aim at anime production.


In Perfect Blue, it has popularity in foreign countries and work where pleasing layout of Satoshi Kon and mixes the idol with the psycho-horror shines. You think Perfect Blue is the work reflected by Satoshi Kon’s personalty but he said as follows.

The story of this work is the following.

The pure and innocent sect idol aims at the image change. However, her fan who cannot permit the turnover (He is pervert Otaku) may defend pure and honest of her so that people around her will be attacked. She also will be aimed and attached.

In Perfect Blue, there was a horror element a lot and the description of the hemorrhage. I don’t have a kind of gusto at all.(From KON’S STONE)

The sentences as mentioned earlier contains by MY RECORD OF WAR – As Battle Blue – from KON’S TONE. The first-person sentences of Satoshi KON are very attractive.

As for Perfect Blue, the episode that production progressed at a dash by the joining of Hideki Hamasu of scenario writer’s Sadayuki Murai and Animation director is collected in KON’S TONE as well.

Satoshi Kon visited TV drama on-site

I was allowed to visit the collection of Kaiki Club to come courtesy of Mr. Murai. And, I was able to be obtained the scenery of the studio and location. I felt admiration for the movement of a skillful staff. I discovered the girl who stood out awfully in the performer. It was Yuuka Nomura. She is very lovely, and the video of the coverage is my treasure.

It is felt that there is a tight boundedness between the performer and them.

Clothes of the staff of the drama were chiefly appearances in T-shirt and jeans pants. They had the smell that looked like a man on the site of the anime production somewhere. They have backseat role. It is felt that there is a tight boundedness between the performer and them. (From KON’S TONE).

This episode was talked about by “A course of Perfect Blue” that had been collected as a privilege of Blu-ray.

“A course of Perfect Blue” is too gorgeous as a privilege of Blu-ray. I want you to buy Blu-ray of “PERFECT BLUE” by all means and to confirm it. The visual commentary like an audio commentary Satoshi Kon explains while seeing the image that he created has been must see.

“The Angel of Love”

“Please make it sound like a struggling cheap singer.”

Being in love is so lovely, and Love is love love lovely, so let’s get going! There will be a chance. The angel would smile at you!

What can I say about this? Yes, love is lovely, but going to where? What’s this supposed to mean? Well, it does sound cheap as I ordered, so it’s OK, I guess…(From KON’S TONE)

This is what was happening when they were making CHAM’s song. Seems like it was a humorous working place. I wonder how was Satoshi Kon’s animation studio like. Wait. I feel like I can see the man in his 30’s dancing aggressively behind CHAM.

Sticking to of Satoshi Kon to layout

What are the criteria of quality of layout? It is a personal good at picture, unskilled, favor. However, I think that produced problem is more.

I think “Production” itself is going to make the screen.

When angling a camera, we should decide various decision like things and relationships. For instance, it is a psychological condition and an image of the person on the screen. And, the element to which they are decided is not only goodness of installing as the picture. We should arrange them on the screen in consideration of their interpersonal relationship and power relationship in the case of the scene where two or more men appears.

Moreover, it is an object by which is arranged in the view also symbolizes progressing the story afterward. Thus, it is necessary to understand the work and the scene deeply. (From KON’ S TONE).

Satoshi Kon, he has a fan with two or more overseas movie directors. The layout is the point of which he should make a special mention. There is a work for which his composition is used as an hommage, too.

Well, In “MY RECORD OF WAR -Battle Blue -“, the serial of such a thick content is introduced by the episode of 24. There is the extra chapter, too.

And, it is not only “PERFECT BLUE”. It introduces enough other work of Satoshi Kon. It is valuable record material written a little while ago though.

About “Yumemiru Kikai”(The Dreaming Machine)

I have regrets about “Yumemiru Kikai”.

Because there is a possibility that “Cut” that the staff has desperately drawn up to now does not touch anyone’s eye. After all, I am holding all images of this work. (From KON’S TONE)

The sentences mentioned above are recorded in “Goodbye”. How is going the production of “Yumemiru Kikai” now? There is no update on an official site of “Yumemiru Kikai” now.

Let’s write mainly several introduced as a creative staff after this.

First of all, it is about Yoshimi Itazu. He was taking charge of the Character Design and Animation Director. I saw his work by the making image of “Sarusuberi-Miss HOKUSAI-“. He was Animation Director of “Sarusuberi”. And, Miyoko Suzuki that was the key animator did Key Animator by “When Marnie Was There” and “Sarusuberi-Miss HOKUSAI-“.

It is Kenji Itoso for Direction to be taken charge in “Yumemiru Kikai”. His activity takes up various topics. The one is “Santa Company.” As for it, Crowdfunding and the subsidy are used for fabrication cost and were produced in 2014. I recognize that Kenji Itoso is one of the key persons of “Yumemiru Kikai” because he is able to see both production site and fabrication site as a producer.
I cannot make animation as wonderful as Satoshi Kon now and even writing unique sentences.

I have a dream. It is a thing to make the environment that the creator can freely create animation and can live enough through the production.

I Always felt that it is not on an easy road. However, I think that I learn Satoshi Kon, and keep challenge to them.

(source: KON’S TONE


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