What kind of work is the animator in Japan? How do they earn money and what kind of life do they spend?

The work of animators, not the meaning of their products here, we present its fact to readers with some sources.

Here is the first time of the series.

The occupation called the animator

An animator is an artist who creates multiple images, known as frames, that give an illusion of movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence.(by Wikipedia Animator



  A picture moves in the screen, and weaves a story. That is the very world that the person’s imagination produced, and closer to the ideal for reality. Animation attracts the people who watch it, have them be drawn to and, thus, is a great media.

Currently in Japan, lots of animes are produced, and this makes it easy to touch them everywhere in the usual life such as TV, magazines, or advertisements in the street. Therefore, it came to win many fans regardless of age or sex. And, the fixed proportion of them widen the object of their interests in the creating process of the ideal world   that is the production of animes(we are a part of the proportion,too). As for the people who want to make animes by themselves or want to take a job involved with anime production, it is not unusual in the least here in Japan. The anime-production worker is the occupation to receive many admiration from many of people. Specially, the animator who draws the characters and needs most its leaders, can be said it’s the largest section of the production that attracts the most attention with their techniques or personalities.



  However, the spot of production in Japan is never a brilliant workplace. It is outstanding at the harshness in many types of job rather.

The anime-production work as an occupation including the animator has various problems, and one of significant them is their lower income.

The following are the article including this fact.

The report of JAniCA


JAniCA is…

The Japanese Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) is a labor union representing workers in the Japanese animation industry. The group was formed back in June 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the living standards of workers in the anime industry including livable wages. (by Wikipedia Japanese Animation Creators Association)

  JAniCA showed “animation product worker fact-finding report 2015” which they investigated by trust of the Agency for Cultural Affairs at the homepage top on April 29. The investigation was carried out from last August through September, the effective answer is 759. (These seems to be few at a glance it, but, judging from a ratio, it may be said that it is a valuable number.) This report can be read here.

In this report, as the affairs of anime-production workers, 30 items such as contents of the work,  type of employment, a mean working hour, or the annual income were investigated.

Particularly, it is annual income to have had a big shock.

Do anime-production workers earn the adequate income?

ike_150429anime01(This list is the thing that we translated from that announced by JAniCA)

  Even the whole respondent remained 3,328,000 yen on average in the lower standard than  the national average(approximately 4,140,000 yen), above all, as the mean of “in-between animation” and “sub-key animation” posts those most young animators belong to are 1,113,000 yen and 1,127,000 yen respectively, it was highlighted that the income greatly varies by job roles. (I believe that the minimum life that allows hardly to survive is forced to in the west of Tokyo where lots of production companies gather with such an income.)


  The problem does not stay only in the lower income but includes the long working time. The average of whole answer for the questionnaire “the average working time per a month” is 262.7 hours that greatly exceeds national average(168.4 hours). Furthermore, 15.9% of whole respondents replied “more than 350 hours”.

(article source: netorabo)

The animator in production roles…

The report refers the difference by each production roles. In the next part 2, we will delve into this matter especially focusing the animator.


(imaged by SHIROBAKO ©「SHIROBAKO」製作委員会)

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