The Reason We Should Take a Look at “yururito inc.”

Is there a time for relaxing these days?

Me? Actually, I don’t have one… I’m just kidding. I’m really enjoying freely writing articles about anime and drawing and watching and stuff.

I usually learn about anime, creators, dramatization, and anime business by reading online articles. One day, I found an interesting article and it was from yururito.
I was impressed by the article, so I visited them. This report would show you why we should take a look at yururito inc.

“Animators and Money”(Japanese)

This is the article, and it is about just as the title says.

Animator’s Life

These days, many Japanese media often pick up the distressed condition of animators as a social issue. We often see them online and on the TV news. Most of them are like “Animators’ working conditions are just terrible!” I agree with a part of this idea but disagree with the other part. I will discuss it later.

I found that article on the website called yururito factory(ゆるりと製作所)” which is run by yururito inc. I thought the article was the same as other articles, but it was not.

It mentioned money issues using the data from JAniCA, but it also had a unique atmosphere. I strongly recommend you to read it. Right after I read the article, I sent them an e-mail to make an appointment. It seems like the introduction got a bit too long. OK, let’s talk about yururito now.

Visiting “yururito.”

“yururito inc.” is a digital contents production, and it runs the website, “yururito factory.” “yururito” is a Japanese word which means “take it easy.”

Official webshite of

Official webshite of

Just by looking up the website, I thought their business was interesting. When I visited them, I felt unique and relaxing atmosphere among them. That was “Yururito.”

The mission of yururito:

Our mission is to produce experiences that let people have positive thoughts and feel “yururito” by making digital contents. If we could give one person a time to “yururito,” the person may come up with a wonderful idea. The idea might make another person happy, and it may happen over and over again. We believe our “yururito” experience would be a trigger for this chain. We work on this mission with our best effort. At the same time, we also enjoy this mission “yururito.”

Let me introduce some photos of yururito inc.


This will welcome you if you visit yururito. Yes. It was a little surprising. It looked like an entrance of the animation production. (They do make anime.)

This panel was the secret birthday gift for the CEO from company members. How nice! I will post the photo of the panel and CEO together in the end. They look totally the same!

Wataru Chihara a priducer of

Wataru Chihara a priducer of

This is Mr. Chihara, a producer who wrote the article shown in the beginning.

He used to be an animator and now he belongs to the animation production department of yururito as a producer. I interviewed him about his article and “the current situation of animation productions.” I will post another article about this interview later.

Under the concept of their mission, yururito pursuits creativity in various ways. There is variety of members in yururito, an animator, an editor of live-action films, a web-designer, and an engineer of smartphone applications.

Mr. Kaneda, the CEO of yururito, believes in the synergy effect by gathering different jobs into the same working place. Many other companies divide departments to work on each kind of business. This type of environment tends to limit the range of idea, but the working environment of yururito widen the range. The members are inspired by different ideas of other members and they enjoy those differences. I totally agree with this idea, especially in the animation productions.

Working place

After we had discussed the future of anime and animators, Mr. Chihara showed me his working place.

work environment of Mr.Chihara

work environment of Mr.Chihara

He is drawing something. What’s this thing gleaming in his left hand?

_MG_5940…what is this device?
_MG_5937He is spinning this device gently.

This is the controller that delicately changes the thickness of his pen. This is called “a left-hand device.” Creators use all the short-cuts by this device. There are many types of “left-hand devices,” such as video game controllers and special keyboards. Mr. Chihara uses a keyboard, and this device. He said these devices were necessary for creators.

The production site in anime is cheerful and optimistic.

“The production site in anime is cheerful and optimistic,” said Mr. Chihara. He continued, “Creators don’t complain about their salary. They always think about how they can grow. Especially, I appreciate elder creators in the working place.” When he became a producer and looked at the animation production on the other side of creators, he re-realized the good side of the animation production. His word came for his experiences from both sides of a creator and a producer.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are many Japanese media that pick up the distressed condition of animators as a social issue. It is right at some point, but it is also true that animators are producing wonderful animations, and earning money by drawing. I felt that we need to understand both points and keep trying to find the better way of the animation production.

The reason we should take a look at “yururito inc.”

 He is the model of this panel, Mr. Yuhei Kaneda.

He is the model of this panel, Mr. Yuhei Kaneda.

Why should we take a look at yururito? It’s because they show us an answer to the question, “what is the better form of animation production?” through their digital contents.

“yururito inc.” create the synergy effect by uniting several kinds of business, such as anime, the web, live-action films, smartphone applications. They also seek the way to serve as a bridge to match various kinds of business.

I strongly felt that their business would be one of the major models shortly.

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