The Anthem of the Heart: The Talk Show on the First Day!

The Anthem of the Heart has just started showing in theaters on September 19th.

Tatsuyuki Nagai and the creators from Anohana got together and created the new feature film, The Anthem of the Heart. We went to the talk show on the first day.

Shinjuku Wald 9


“The Egg Fairy” welcomes you at the entrance.


The cafe above the entrance was decorated for The Anthem of the Heart.


We found this too.

The Talk Show



Yoko Ozawa (a broadcaster from Fuji Television) invited the guests of the talk show to the stage. The wonderful guests were Tatsuyuki Nagai (Director), Mari Okada (Screenplay), Masayoshi Tanaka (Character design), and five main casts, Yo Yoshida, Inori Minase, Koki Uchiyama, Sora Amamiya, and Yoshimasa Hosoya.

The talk show started with their words appreciating the audience who came to see the film early in the morning. (the movie started at 7:20 am)

The degree of satisfaction was 97.4%!?

-There were a few screening events before today, and many people from media and film connoisseurs praised this film. Amazingly, the degree of satisfaction was 97.4%!

Tanaka: Is it from a reliable source? (made the audience laugh)

Nagai: I really appreciate it.

-How did you feel when you heard you were chosen as one of the casts?

Minase: I auditioned for Jun. I had no idea what I would be asked to do for the audition of the character who doesn’t speak. I acted Jun in my own way, but I wasn’t sure if I got it. Acting Jun through this film made me grow up. I was really happy to act Jun.

Uchiyama: I heard it from this guy first. (meaning Hosoya) We usually get announced from the office first, but when we were in the other recording, he told me “We are in The Anthem of the Heart together.”

Hosoya: I was too happy. I couldn’t help saying that.

-How did you feel at that time?

Hosoya: I often get offered to act characters in “THE Animation.” I wanted to act the character in the live-action like film depicted by animation. Uchiyama was often in that kind of films. He was the one who I wanted to star together most. So I was so excited when I heard I was in this film.

Amamiya: I auditioned for Jun first. I practiced acting Jun at home and went to the studio for the audition. They told me to audition for Natsuki too at that time. I didn’t expect that I made it. We had a musical part, so I was nervous, but also happy.

The first recording.

-Ms. Yoshida, it was your first time to dub. How was it?

Yoshida: It was very difficult. They gave me a DVD to practice dubbing. When I was watching it, a box that said “Jun’s mother” was blinking through the film. I was wondering what it was. When I finished the film, I realized that was when I had to speak! So I watched it again. I knew nothing about dubbing, but Mr. Nagai kindly directed me. Otherwise, I couldn’t have acted the mother.

-Was it different from the way you usually act?

Yoshida: Yes. What I usually do (meaning live-action) is an addition. I add the emotion up to build the character, but this time it was a subtraction. I needed to subtract my emotion to make my voice Izumi’s (Jun’s mother) voice. It was a quite new experience for me to approach what I act that way.

Nagai: The blinking box meant we were late on the production schedule. (made the audience laugh) I didn’t know Ms. Yoshida had never done dubbing before. Listening to her acting, I thought she was excellent. When I heard it was her first time, I was surprised that the person new to dubbing could do that much.

Yo Yoshida said, “Jun is the character who is like me most.”

-During the interview, you said Jun is the character who is like yourself most.

Yoshida: If I choose the character who is like me most, I think Jun is. I was a child who could not say things clearly. I’m not confident with my words even today, but I want to make words to express love, kindness, and other positive emotions. I think telling who you love you “love you” in your words is really important, and I believe it makes the world peaceful. I hope this film help people express their emotion.

What their hearts want to scream out loud.



-Today, we have the guests write “what their heart want to scream out loud” on the board!

Nagai: “I want more time!”

I really want more time now. (made the audience laugh) Ms. Minase is visiting the theaters all over Japan, and I want to follow her. But I don’t have enough time. So I want to scream this.

Okada: “I’m nervous!”

I’m really nervous to be on this stage, but I’m so happy to see you! Thank you for coming today!

Tanaka: “We did finish it!”

Mr. Hosoya said that too, but it was great we could finish making this film. I’m now relieved. That’s what I want to scream. And thank you so much for coming really early in the morning.

Yoshida: “36 hours a day!”

24 hours is not enough for me. If I have more time, I can sleep longer and read more books. But I might work as much time as I have, though.



Minase: “I love you, Jun!”

I was stopping myself from saying this, but we made the first day of this film, so I’m now screaming this. I love Jun than anyone else. (-Do you feel different now compared to before the audition?) Acting the heroine of the big title was a huge pressure for me, but I really appreciate Jun, who took me here to see this wonderful view.

Uchiyama: “Why this title!?” (The Japanese title means “My Heart Wants to Scream Out Loud.”)

At the end of every interview, we’ve been asked “what does your heart want to scream out loud?” I don’t have an answer anymore! (made the audience laugh) My heart is empty now.

Hosoya: “Please! Become a huge hit!”

This is only I want. I heard this film was praised by film connoisseurs. I want other people to watch this, and I hope we can get 100%.

Amamiya: “I want a new mattress!”

I got a double bed from my friend two years ago, but I have a single-sized mattress on it now. (made the audience laugh) It will get cold soon, so I want a bigger one.

Uchiyama: You can get it by this film’s fee. (made the audience laugh)

-What do you think, Mr. Nagai?

Nagai: Are you telling me to buy her one? I’m not that rich so…

Uchiyama: What if this film becomes a super massive hit?

Nagai: Yes. If it becomes a super massive hit, I will buy her a few of those. (made the audience laugh)

-Lastly, Mr. Nagai, would you give a word for the audience?

Nagai: I still feel like this is a joke that I’m standing here, but I’m now in the feeling of fulfillment that I could bring this film to you. You just finished it, but if you like it, please watch it again and tell your family how you liked it. Sorry, my words are little broken. (made the audience laugh) Thank you so much for coming today.

“The Anthem of the Heart” started showing in theaters on September 19th. There are wonderful giveaway items.



Wonderful Giveaway Items! You can get the musical program of “The Anthem of the Heart.”

  • Second Week (Sep. 26 – Oct. 2)
    – Cast Message Board with the illustration by Masatoshi Tanaka.
  • Third Weed (Oct. 3 – Oct. 9)
    – Welcome Board with the illustration by Masatoshi Tanaka. (2 types at random)
  • Fourth Weed (Oct. 10 – Oct. 16)
    – Welcome Board with the illustration by Masatoshi Tanaka. (2 types at random)

Don’t miss this beautiful story depicted with wonderful music. Enjoy it with a good sound system and a big screen at the theaters.

For those of you who don’t understand Japanese or who are not in Japan, you also have a chance!

The Anthem of the Heart with English and Chinese subtitles will be shown in selected theaters in October!
Go to this page for details.

The Anthem of the Heart will be shown in the U.S. and Canada in November!
Go to this page for details.
The Anthem of the Heart offcial website


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