The plane is deep

I have left this article unattended on the plea of a test contribution.

That movie above is the very animation I drew for the first time in my life. I have drawn only as for doodling till then. Honestly, it can never be said that’s the good result, but I was slightly(deeply?) moved to watch my picture is moving(more precisely, pictures are moving). I remember to have had a very hard time, for this was the first time.

Even the greatest animators such as Hiroyuki Okiura or Toshiyuki Inoue also draw pictures with a pencil on papers as well. Maybe or on a tablet recently,though. That applies to me, and all other animators. It does not mean the better pencil enables to draw those marvelous animations, but only the technique of drawer’s own does    unless it is an article of crude quality.

That is why anime is very profound indeed. I have learned it the hard but interesting way.


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