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Ryo-timo advances digital environment into the animation production in Japan

Ryo-timo is a creator who produces animation by making proper use of Adobe Flash. He spoke the personnel training under the digital environment.

Trouble and advantage of digital environment

Various troubles occurred on the production site where Ryo-timo had started the digital environment into the animation production. It was a problem of coming from between the digital and analog variation. For example, there is an obstruction of acquisition of skill with copy and paste. Furthermore, the friction for the allotment of work occurred in them because the range of the work that one creator was able to do increase.

Besides, the information transmission and progress were managed in the production of the animation of Japan that used paper with a cutting bag. However, the paper put in the cutting bag does not exist in the digital environment. But, an empty cutting bag was used in their production due to they were accustomed to the progress management with a cutting bag.

One of the advantages of the digital environment is to be able to preserve the material as a library.

The library had been managed in each studio up to now. However, privately a large amount of data can be kept in digital. It is also easy to retrieve them. We cannot use the character of another anime, but we can recycle their movement, perspecitve, and the effect.

The advantage of Flash in animation production as well as corresponding to 4K.

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Ryo-timo aims making up of animation only of Flash now. Actually, the function that Flash prepares it by default has not suitable for animation production. However, the strong point of Flash is a point that the command can be added. Macro (JSFL) for Flash described with javascript is used for it.

He can make it by himself. Moreover, he is constructing the digital production environment. For instance, To make the repeated sustained exertion a batch processing and to add the function to output the time sheet to Flash. They can reduce the time of work by enhancing these. Then, the individual animator can be concentrated on drawing.

Ryo-timo said, “We do not need to stick Flash if there is other software with a function it is equal to Flash.”

An excellent software for the animation production exists except for Flash, but they will not cooperative each other. Therefore, the difficultly still exist in the interactive using tools. It is possible If the bit map data such as JPEG is used. Still, Ryo-timo told, If we can exchange data by vector data, it is preferable for animation production.

The reason file swapping in vector data is required on a production site is since Television Broadcasting is making it to the high-resolution. And, 4K might be introduced into Television Broadcasting in the future.

There is only a method of the animation production only if 4K introduction is faced that we used paper are either we will draw original drawing in the A3 form or improve the upconversion technology that raises the resolution.

Thus, we should shift to the animation production that uses the vector data that can correspond to a high resolution. However, we cannot exchange it by the vector data over software as shown in those mentioned above. If we fixed the resolution, it would become meaningless when the bit map data is introduced in the process after original drawing. When we produce in the vector data, it is necessary to do to the last by only vector data. Flash, is the software to enable it.

What Ryo-timo think when he design the character.

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Ryo-timo unveiled the story of the character design as an example of “Yozakura Quartet” at the end of the seminar.

Ryo-timo produced the design by thinking about individuality and the inside such as “What action and what kind of face does the character do when they are not on the screen?” Also, Ryo-timo referred about the color. A general key animator tends to design only in the line. However, the trouble will occur later if the color design is not decided in detail. The fashion sense is also necessary. It is likely to fail without thinking about the individuality of the character.

As for this seminar, the topic concerning the introduction of the digital environment was centered than the technique of drawing. Still, it became a precious time in the student who aims at the active duty animator and the professional who thought about the shift from the analog to digital.


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    The forum is a brtegihr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  2. Popo
    2015-07-29 at 7:23 PM

    That’s very kind of you to write this post 🙂 Very instructive. Thanks a lot.
    Library is useful for simple animation (walking) but I hope animators don’t get lazy and try to be creative. I am afraid too animators use too much copy/paste or steal animation from others. But animators have short income and can be short in time so it can be comprehensible.


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