Will paper and pencil throw away by animators? Part1

There is a symptom of paperless future that ACTF foresees and signs of trouble in Japan. “ACTF (animation creative technology forum)”, it is a new event that started in Tokyo.

Most of the audience who gathers there is a professional person related to the animation. The keyword is “paperless drawing.” There was a mood that became tense at the event site for the keyword.

When will arrive “The end of the paper and the pencil”?

What should they learn to continue working in the future? A tricky announcement raised a storm in the last stage of the event. And, the question and answer like the scream went out.


imaged via A case study by Asahi production

Digitalization of animation that started from replacement of Cel

If we understand the keyword named “paperless drawing“, it is necessary to know the history of the animation in Japan. It is a process of “paper drawing” has been succeeded by the history of the animation for the long term in Japan.

It ‘s not hard. The beginning is Parapara Manga. It is the one that everyone draws from the corner of the page at the textbook and enjoy. “To draw on paper with the pencil and to turn over it” is the paper drawing in Japan.

The delicate point of drawing that uses the pencil is a point to have to use the eraser when correcting it.

When the eraser is used, a paper is surely dirty. And, a paper is dirty again due to the movement of the hand that got black because of the hand that grips the pencil. There are various processes in production with paper drawing. This dirt always became a problem.

I want to make “Number of sheets” a topic here

In live-action movie, they are 24 scenes of per second. Only calculating, cel becomes about 40,000 because TV animation is 30 minutes. It is almost impossible to paint and to carry everything.

Therefore, “limited animation” became a primary current in Japan. In addition, the device of using “fixed picture” between a few seconds was invented. And, the animation was suppressed to the labor of several thousand pieces every 30 minutes. However, it will be necessary to paint hundreds of pieces by the hand in a day. It exceeds the range of art.

Such an analog process digitalized it in dramatic recently

It is quite different between in the process centering on drawing and other operations.

Cel finished the role in the favor that the tracing machine replaced the scanner. The software evolved in dramatic, and the tool that bore the trace and the paint was found useful.

Moreover, heavy labor such as “Transportation” disappeared thanks to the Internet appeared. Cel animation vanished in around 2013. However, the process where animator worked with a pencil was left in the wave of digitalization; it is technically feasible, though.

Paperless work to use pen tablet that became natural on site of Manga in Japan. There are tacit circumstances in the anime industry in Japan that a paperless advantage will not obediently received.

Continue to be part2.



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