For Tsukahara fun in Portugal!!

Thank you very much for visiting this page today!! Did you have a fun Tsukahara’s performance in Portugal?

We think people watching this page are a huge fans who are looking forward to future development of Tsukahara works and think that people who are interested in animation production. There is good information for everyone of such animation fans & animation creators.

Tsukahara’s new work information are here!!

Tsukahara’s new work is currently in progress. JapanAnimeMedia creates a series of articles to tell everyone how Tsukahara’s work will be completed.

The schedule of the series of articles is as follows.

  • Portugal Part, May
  • Asakusa Part, June
  • Niigata Part, June
  • Reel Completion Part, July
  • Tether movie Part 1, Aug
  • Tether movie Part 2, Sep
  • Tether movie Part 3, Oct
  • Tsukahara’s backstage Part, Nov
  • Music Completion Part, Nov
  • Sound Recording at Studio Don Juan, Dec

We are looking for creators!

We are seeing new company working with us even if you are in Portugal.


– over 1 years of After Effects and Photoshop experiences (for After Effects artist)

– over 1 years of 3DCG software experiences, CINEMA 4D is preferred (for 3DCG artist)

– over 1 years of drawing experiences in digital environment, Clipstudio paint or TVpaint or Toon boom is preferred (for drawing artist)

– understanding basics of animation production


– experience in working in animation production

– understanding basics of animation production in Japan

– fluency in English, Japanese

If interested, please contact us below.


We want to try Crowdfunding in Portugal

Can you give us an information about Crowdfunding in Portugal??



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