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Creators who are contributing to Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition Part3 『Up and Coming Creators 』

In Part2, we introduced “Creators an old hand,” but in this entry we would like to focus on other members who have shown remarkable performances through Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition.
The main concepts of this exhibition are “Free Production” and “Human Resources Development.” Under these concepts, animation productions could be done in different ways from TV series. Creators introduced below are the members who have challenged and embodied these concepts.
Some young creators are not originally “animators.” They have various backgrounds, such as VFX, illustrating and designing of different fields. This diversity of creators is another uniqueness of Anima(tor)’s Exhibition.

Up and coming movie creator: Hibiki Yoshizaki


Hibiki Yoshizaki©StudioDomo

Hibiki Yoshizaki used to work mainly for “monitor graphics” and “music videos,” but he conducted a full-scale work on animation after he participated “Yozakura Quartet(directed by Ryo-timo)” for the OP storyboard.
His work in this exhibition,「ME!ME!ME!」feat. daoko/TeddyLoid, made a huge impact not only in Japan but all over the world. Yoshizaki was a talented designer in his previous fields. His skills of CG were remarkably performed in “Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.” 「ME!ME!ME!」feat. daoko/TeddyLoid shows Yoshizaki’s outstanding skills of music videos and abilities of layout and animation.
He is gifted in drawing. Shuichi Isek (animation director of ME!ME!ME!) mentioned in “as a trace(a web-streaming commentary program of Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition” that Yoshizaki was obviously eligible for a key animator. Yoshizaki’s production notes were shown in “as a trace,” and those were quite elaborate. Yoshizaki’s direction using those notes was accurate and effective, and it led the success of ME!ME!ME!

  • ME!ME!ME!』feat. daoko/TeddyLoid  Planning, Original Work, Storyboard, Technical Director
  • 『Kanón』 Technical Director
  • 『ME!ME!ME!feat.daoko/TeddyLoid』 Director, Editor, VJ
  • 『Rapid Rouge』Antiair Defense Countermeasure System Design

Rising Star of Key Animation: Shuichi Iseki

Shuichi Iseki seems to become one of the top animation directors through this exhibition. His drawing skills are outstanding. He has just started working on the key animation a few years ago, but it is promising that he would be one of the core creators in Japanese anime productions.

  • 『ME!ME!ME!』 Character Design, Animation Director, Key Animator
  • 『Kanón』Charactor Design, Key Animator
  • 『Iconic Field』 Key Animator
  • 『Rapid Rouge』 Character Design, Animation Director

His characters are adorable just like himself: Shigeto Koyama

Shigeto Koyama is well known as a designer of characters, mechanics, and costumes. His recent work was “Additional Visual Development” for “Baymax.” The way of his direction which is not like a “director,” brought uniqueness to his work, “Obake-chan.”

For example, unlike recent TV-series animations, he reduced the amount of information from the screen as much as possible to focus on characters’ movements and cuteness. The paper-like background was fixed, and it emphasized the characters. Most of the characters’ motions were lateral which made that illustration-like animation 2-dimentional, and it created a good unique taste of Koyama’s animation.
In “as a trace,” Koyama said he was successful in the optimization of the production process. Hopefully, it will affect the entire modern animation production in the future.

  • 『SEX and VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED』Original Design and Story
  • 『Obake-chan』Original Illustration, Storyboard, Character Design, Animation Director, Key Animator
  • 『ME!ME!ME!』Planning Adviser


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