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[Coming Soon!] The Interview of Hibiki Yoshizaki who will be in “Scotland Loves Anime!”

Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition has just released “Cassette Girl“, the final episode of its third season. It’s been spread all over the world, and this week, Scotland Loves Anime is presenting 15 episodes from the exhibition.

Two directors, Mahiro Maeda and Hibiki Yoshizaki, will visit Edinburg for the huge anime event, Scotland Loves Anime. A few days before Hibiki Yoshizaki was flying to the UK, we visited Studio Karah to have an interview. He kindly told us a lot about him. We will be posting a great article soon!

What’s Scotland Loves Anime?

Scotland Loves Animation is a charity promoting animation as art. For six years we’ve been running film festivals, workshops, exhibitions, graduate showcases and other events in Scotland to appeal to all ages and tastes. Our annual film festival, Scotland Loves Anime, has become renowned as the UK’s top film festival for Japanese animation. This year we’re proud to present our biggest lineup yet, with 16 of the top anime films from 2014/15 coming to screens in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. (SLA)

Through Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition, Mahiro Maeda has created excellent works, “20min Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station, 2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2mos Deposit, No Pets Allowed“, Kanón“, and “HAMMERHEAD“. Also, Hibiki Yoshizaki’s work, “ME!ME!ME!” and “GIRL” got a great response from all over the world. Their talk is going to be something new to people in the event.


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