These are reality of Japanese MANGA,ANIME and GAME



MANGA*ANIME*GAME from JAPAN” is held in a national new museum in Roppongi. The holding period is 2015/6/24 Wed〜2015/8/31 Mon.

This exhibition has exhibited about MANGA,ANIME and GAME such as relationship of the these works and the relationship of the works and a coetaneous society and relationship of technology.
These are composed of eight chapters as follows.

Chapter 1 Modern hero and heroine
Chapter 2 “Reality” drawn by technology -creation world and sight expression
Chapter 3 Net society that technology invented
Chapter 4 GAME where people meet and gather
Chapter 5 Character lives = “Place”
Chapter 6 Intersect with “daily life” and “non daily life”
Chapter 7 Link with reality
Chapter 8 “Handling skill” of creators

Severals works are introduced such as “Knights of Sidonia” of Tsutomu Nihei,”When They Cry” of Ryukishi, “-The voices of a distant star-” of Makoto Shinkai,”Manga from that day” of Mr. Kotobuki Shiriagari



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