A trooper between 2D and 3D

Q. How do you see the pictures below?

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Model answer: I can see them other than the comic-like illustrations.

All right readers, good answers enough.

Sorry, but I must unfortunately give you the truth of these pictures.

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Now, you might already understand.

These pictures are all photographs which took the actual plastic model.

This marvelous plastic model is a work built by the hands of Mumumu-no-53 who is good at such a style of making almost like an illustration or painting. The surface of this plastic model is coated by screentones  instead of color painting, and this ingenious device appears as a drawn illustration.

This still interests us if such a trial gives some kind of influences on the production of anime or manga.

You can see  the manufacturing process or the other his works on his site.

We would like to conclude this time by presenting his other great work, that looks almost like one scene of anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

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(imaged by http://mumumuno53.blog.fc2.com/)


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