A private comic describes the backside of voice actor/actress is made into an anime

(imaged by:  『それが声優!』キービジュアル/(C)あさのますみ・畑健二郎/イヤホンズ応援団 via Kai-You.net)

Some key visuals and the trailer of “Seiyu’s life!“, a TV anime which starts from summer of 2015, were shown in formula Web site, and staff information was newly announced in addition. Furthermore, its production presentation is going to be held in Nico Nico Live   a major Japanese video streaming service    on April 28.  The three main casts will be revealed there.

(Seiyu means voice actor or actress in Japanese. )

”Seiyu’s Life!” staff info

Director: Hiroshi Ikehata

Series construction: Yokote Michiko

Character design: Sasaki  Masakatsu

Props design: Sayaka Takase

Production design: Yukie Inose

Art director: Tomohiro Ono

Color design: Ritsuko Utagawa

DOP: Kojiro Hayashi

Movie editor: Kiyoshi Hirose

Original music: Yukari Hayashi 

Director of audiography: Satoshi Motoyama

Produced by Gonzo

Music Produced by EVIL LINE RECORDS

Seiyu’s life!” is based on a private comic by the coterie of  Kenjiro Hata, a comic writer known as ”Hayate no gotoku!“, and Masumi Asano, a voice actress.

Portraying the growth of three new face voice actresses    Hutaba Ichinose, Ichigo Moesaki, and Suzu Kohana, this work shows the life of voice actor/actress or unknown their backstage based on Asano’s true experiences.

Above all, the voice actors/actresses who existed such as Ryoko ShiraishiHiroshi Kamiya or Yui Horie, appeared in this product, and this unprecedented contents attracted attention in an instant.

The Four-Frame Comic of this work is now being serialized in formula web site of the coterie “Hajimemasite” by Mr. Hata and Ms. Asano.

While anime or comic works which describes the backstage of various industries in are popular, it will become a work attracting further attention.

(source: Kai-You.net)

Writer’s Note: Based on a “dojinshi”

This event is epoch-making from the perspective of that a private comic is made into TV anime series. I used the name “private comic” here, this means self-published works originally called “dojinshi” in Japanese. Various activities of dojinshi is very popular in Japan, and its festival “Comic market” is even said  to be the event that the most people gather for in Japan.

However, as referred in “Why cannot a sequel be made unless the discs sell?“, the decision to produce of anime needs a prospect of commercially success. Therefore, it is better that the original work is originally popular and famous, and moreover, it is advantageous if it is the work of a major publishing company because that company invests in the production (Actually, the royalty for the original work does not account for a great ratio in overall produce cost).

Even though the authors are famous from the start, this is an exceptional case to carry out making a dojinshi into a TV anime despite of those tendencies.  


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