A documentary aproached the birth secret story of “Big Hero 6” and the spot of the Disney studio

(imaged by「ベイマックス」 (c)2014, Walt Disney Feature Animation via natalie)

A part main volume picture was shown from BD/DVD of “The movie of the magic is created in this way/John Lasseter and the Disney animation” on the heels of a secret of the “Big Hero 6″‘s birth.
This is a documentary program broadcasted by NHK(Japan) in November 2014, and was the first time that the long-term coverage to the production spot was permitted in the history of the Disney studio for 90 years.
In this picture, John Lasseter who is the chief creative officer of both Disney and Pixar was forcused on. He, who is known as a director of first-ever long piece full 3DCG animation “Toy Story” and by even that he led “Frozen” to the success, acted as a production total conduct of “Big Hero 6”. Lasseter told “I came under a big influence of Japan, Tokyo and Hayao Miyazaki”, and many hommage to Japanese culture hidden in “Big Hero 6” is clarified in this product. In addition, you also can watch state-of-the-art technology based on anthropotomy to produce the real motion of the character or the state that creaters make up a story of “Big Hero 6” repeating discussions.



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