A brilliant feat! Decided “In a Corner of this World” will be made into a movie.

(imaged by © こうの史代・双葉社/「この世界の片隅に」製作委員会)


Finally done. Movie production decision for four years.

Based on the original work of Fumiyo Kono, the anime movie which director Sunao Katabuchi has been prepared for 4 years      In a Corner of this World” was decided to be shown all over Japan.

The production Committee of “In a Corner of this World” started on June 3, and the production of the anime movie was officially decided. The movie will be shown in the autumn of 2016, and is planning national road show by distribution of Tokyo Theatres.

The staffs decided at this time are below.

original work : Fumiyo Kono

director, script : Sunao Katabuchi

Anime production : MAPPA

producer : Masao Maruyama (from MAPPA) /  Taro Maki (from GENCO)

distribution : Tokyo Theatres


the original work: In a Corner of this WorldーFumiyo Kono

Fans gave the production a major boost by cloud funding.


© こうの史代・双葉社/「この世界の片隅に」製作委員会

In a Corner of this World” is a manga by Fumiyo Kono which Director Sunao Katabuchi  has been planned to make into a movie for many years, but the production ran into difficulties. Therefore they carried out financing in cloud funding serviceMakuakefrom March 9, 2015. As a result, during an offer period until May 29 of 82 days, support of 36,224,000 yen gathered from 3,374 supporters. The number of these supporters was the record-high number of people in Japan and recorded an achievement rate of 181% who greatly exceeded 20 million yen that the amount of money aimed for at first. It was the domestic history best as the amount of cloud funding procurement of the motion picture, and it followed that this proved the degree of its high attention.

(source:  アニメ!アニメ!


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