Why cannot a sequel be made unless the discs sell?

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Shinji Takamatsu to be known to for supervision of the anime “Gintama” series tweeted about the business model of Japanese animes in Twitter of his own on April 7, and this is in a topic. Its beginning was the tweet of director Takamatsu towards the voice of fans hoping for broadcasting the second period of anime “Cute High Earth Defence Club LOVE!” which reached the last inning the other day.

I quote a main part as follows.

Though the decision of the continuation is depending on the production committee, the main requirements are its sales of BD/DVD.

Because the all production costs of animes broadcast in late night are carried out by the committee, the second period  cannot be approved unless an estimate to go into the black surely is made.

It is quite absurd business model that they try to make it up only with the profit of the disks because it costs roughly 150~200 million yen to make one season anime(usually 12 or 13 episodes per one season), but most of the present late-night animes are in this form.

It is unbearable that “high quality animes” or  “interesting animes” go to live in obscurity only for the reason that their discs do not sell so much… Is there not any more other business model?

Firstly, “production comittee mothod” is said  the mainstream produce current animes in Japan.
“The production committee method” is a style to cover the costs for broadcasting from producing animes such as production costs or consent charges with the investment from various companies.

The investment company linking the name in the “committee” diverges into many branches, including publish companies, TV stations, recordmakers, video game companies, or advertising agencies such as. The investment risk every one gets reduced by gathering investments from many companies.

As Mr.Takamatsu referred, it is common that the fund collection of production committee depends on the package sale such as BD and DVD in the present late-night animes. In other words, “success in a commercial meaning” of late-night animes is, basically “its packages sell”, and therefore, it is difficult to produce the sequel unless “the packages sell” to some extent, which equals to “it succeeds in commercially”.

Furthermore, production costs per one episode are around 10 million yen and are considered to be approximately 120~200million yen when they produce one series containing around 12 episodes for 30 minutes per one episode. Late-night animes are in condition to make up such an enormous investments with almost only the profit of the package sale.

The sence of impending crisis for such a “business model to depend on the package sale” exists in advance, and “the new business model” has been actually already groped for. The trend will attract attention more and more hereafter.

(source: otapol)

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